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PAI-ICT Academy, Azam Campus

Computer Activity Report from February 2016 to June 2016

  • From 28th January 2016 to 6th April 2016 the Computer Academy Members along with one Hardware Engineer from Hardware Academy visited P.A.Inamdar Computer Centers for the Computer Academic Inspection.(Detailreport is attached here with).
  • On 3rd April 2016 , 98 students passed CCC Exam from 52 Computer Centers and 98 Students passed the summary is as follow:
Grade Total
A 1
B 5
C 32
D 60

It is remarkable achievement of KrantiveerLahujiVastad Salve PMC Urdu Primary School No 22 G our student AnsarZikraTasleem created history in the PMC Urdu Schools as she passed CCC exam with “A” Grade and stood First among all the 98 CCC passed students. (Photo is attached)




PAI-ICT Academy awarded Tablet to Ms. ZikraTasleem Ansari at the hands of Hon’ble Mr. P.A.Inamdar Sir








Felicitation of Zikra Ansari by the Hon’ble Mr. P.A.Inamdar Sir all the team members also were present 







Ansari ZikraTasleem stood 1st and obtained “A” grade in CCC exam held on 3rd April 2016 was felicitated by Hon’ble Mr. P.A.Inamdar Sir




  • PAI-ICT Academy always conduct the Training Session for the Computer Instructors of P.A.Inamdar Computer Centers affiliated Schools accordingly from 14th April 2016 to 4th June 2016 different Training sessions were held. Free Loading Boarding facilities were also provided for the Outside Pune Computer Instructors in coordination with Haji GulamMohdAzam Educational Trust, Azam Campus. The Training Sessions were as follows.
  • 90 Computer Instructors from P.A Inamdar Computer Center affiliated Schools, Azam Campus, Pune Municipal Corporation Urdu Primary Schools, Hadapsar, Katraj, Khadki, Dehuroad, Kondhwa, Daund, Junnar, Ahemadnagar, Jogeshwari- Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nasik, Kudachi, Ratnagiri, Aligarh, Aligarh Muslim University, Azamgarh.
  • 34 Students attended IT Star Summer Camp.
  • 70 Subject Teachers, Azam Campus Schools attended the advance technology training based on E-Seva.

It is matter of pride that the training was conducted by the senior Computer Instructors of PAI-ICT Academy.



90 Computer Instructors completed Advanced Technology Training valedictory function was successfully completed with certification ceremony






70 Subject Teachers Training was also completed successfully participants with the Hon’ble Mr. P.A.Inamdar Sir







34 students of std V to VII attended IT Star Summar Camp was held from 30th May to 4th June 2016 topper winners with Hon’ble Mr. P.A.Inamdar Sir




  • CCC Exam Training for the Staff members of Urdu English Schools at AsadUllah Khan Urdu High School, Mumbra was conducted by the PAI-ICT Academy for eight days from 18th April 2016 to 23rd April 2016 Mr. Amin Shaikh Computer Instructor was deputed for the said training. Mr. Zahid Khan Secretary of the said School was coordinator for the training. 35 teachers from the various schools were benefited by the scheme.



CCC Exam Training was conducted by the PAI-ICT Academy at AsadUllah Khan Urdu School Mumbra for 8 days the training was conducted by the Computer Instructor Mr. Amin



  • Free Leadership Skills Development Training was conducted from 30th May to 4th June 2016. The Principals, Vice Principals & Supervisory Staff of the P.A.Inamdar Computer Center affiliated Schools of Azam Campus and Sister Institutes were the beneficiary of the training session. The honorary services by the Resource Persons Dr. BhushanPatil , Dr. R. Ganeshan, Dr. ShailaBootwala, Prof. Rishi Aacharya& Mrs. RuksanaSayyed HR. PAI-VEDA College were very valuable and beneficial which made the training successfully.


  • PAI-ICT Academy Team visited Lonavala and Jogeshwari to verify the norms and conditions required for the establishment of P.A.Inamdar Computer Center at MaulanaAbulKalam Azad Urdu Primary School, Lonavala and Al Itehad Urdu High School respectively.
  • Amin Shaikh & Mr. MohsinPathan the CCC faculty were deputed by the PAI-ICT Academy for the training batch of 30 subject teachers of various schools at the center AsadUllah Khan Urdu School Mumbra on every Sunday these faculty members are going to Mumbra for the training and conducting online exam for the CCC course.The expenses is also borne by PAI-ICT Academy.
  • As per the directive by the Hon’ble President Mr. P.A.Inamdar Sir & Honorary Secretary Prof. Irfan Shaikh PAI-ICT Academy formed “Core Committee” comprised of Five Senior Computer Instructors to develop Computer Syllabus based on old syllabus and new concept of computer apps and write a text book and work book for std I to std XII under the guidance of Ms. Mumtaz Z Sayyed Director, Prof. Rishi Aacharya Jt. Director, Mr. Arif Y Sayyed Coordinator, Ms, Shabana M Sayyed Coordinator, Mr. Pankaj Shinde Faculty Member.

Report By:


Ms. Mumtaz Z Sayyed

Director, PAI-ICT Academy,

Azam Campus