❖ Introduction
No matter what you’re looking for, Goole is world’s topmost search engine which will give you information about what you are looking for.
This course will brief you about the in & out of your google account, which will give you basic idea about the different google apps.These apps can be accessed from any gadgets like desktop, laptop, mobile or tabs, which are connected to internet as well as you can browse them offline.

➢ Gmail
➢ Google Search
➢ Google Docs
➢ GooGle Sheets
➢ Google Slides
➢ Google Drive
➢ Youtube

❖ Scope of the course
This course is very useful to understand the features of Google Account along with the Complete G suit. Which consist of the office solution for any type of the organisation. Technology is transforming what’s possible in schools—enabling innovative solutions to learning’s biggest barriers. With our suite of devices, apps, and resources, you can easily bring the power of technology to your classroom.

❖ Contact details for Workshop
Resource person: Ms. Madhura Bhagat.
Contact Number: 9764314590