ICT academy_schemeAs an outreach project of Hon’ble President MCE Society Shri P.A. Inamdar, whose aim is To bridge the gap of society between haves and have-nots by embracing ICT in education, ICT Academy Pune works in Maharashtra , India.

According to Shri P.A. Inamdar, this era is very important and transaction period for our country. The gap of society is increasing day by day and the solution to bridge this gap is only taking technology education and its benefits among masses.

According to Govt. Statistics more than 85% schools are still without computers. In this situation the future of these kids are in Dark. Inamdar sir’s approach is different, he says appreciate the Govt. for whatever progress we have made so far.. And with public private model install technology education hubs in the poor areas of the city and villages.

Today we should forget about all difference of cast , race , religion and orthodoxies and embrace technology to its full extent. His vision to impart the best knowledge to the youngest kids as their grasping and adaptability is on peak at this age.

IT skills are increasingly in demand by business and global economy and are paramount to securing good jobs and improving standards of living.

Furthermore, with access to the internet, school children can widen their understanding of the world around them, ICT academy_scheme 2and they can link up with other schools abroad improving cross-cultural communication. Todays IT software programmes are powerful teaching aids and are more inexpensive than text books;

Through his tested model of ICT Scheme in last 6 years he has shown that if a dedicated approach should be adopted to impart ICT knowledge to the poor and needy students at the age of 6 to 18 these students can create wonders.

There are many schools in Maharashtra and in India where millions of brilliant but poor students are away from computer facilities, school management is not able to provide them facilities beyond subject teaching and classrooms. Since the students of these schools are from very poor or BPL background it is impossible to expect from their parents to pay the high fees to support their computer education outside also.

ICT academy_scheme 3Students coming out from these types of schools have no ICT knowledge and will fill nowhere when they will enter in to the open world competition. There will be no job possible without ICT knowledge and starting at the age of 18 will be too late for them.

To overcome from this problem Shri P.A. Inamdar launched a model of “P.A. Inamdar Compute Centre” in Year 2009, Under these schemes he adopted many schools operating in slums, villages or in the areas where people are financially weaker.

This has become a new revolution and under these scheme he has opened more than 17 computer centers so far, where thousands of students are getting free computer and internet education. This has brought a new wave of confidence in these students and the gap of the society has started decreasing day by day. The students coming out from these computer centers are no longer strangers from ICT knowledge and can compete with any international school students when it comes to ICT performance.

Shri P.A. Inamdar has also realized the necessity of English as second language and very essential for learning and using computers and internet. He has also established English training centre along with these computer labs in each school.

Under this scheme Inamdar Sir provide Free computer units depend on the requirement and norms, Internet Connection, Furniture, Equipment , Power Backup , LCD Projector to school for setting up PAI-Computer Center. He also supports the salaries of qualified Computer Instructors and English teachers appointed by ICT Academy Pune for smooth operations of these centers.

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