❖ Introduction

E Seva stands for Electronic seva. This module is all about the services which we can use through the internet. It is a 3 level course where in first level all the theoretical concepts are there. Level two is all about the services which we use personally i.e. Train ticket booking, bus ticket booking online shopping etc. In the third level Government related services are covered i.e applying for pan card, passport etc.
In academic year 2016-17 we have completed this course with 50 students, out of which 2 students have identified for onsite training of Maha E seva center.

❖ Syllabus

❖ Scope of the course
Student who has completed this course will be equipped with the tools required to survive in the 21st century. Enabling student with these concept will save the time & money also will give ease of life.
This course enlights the basic procedures & eligibility require for getting the government related documents like pan card, passport & etc, which makes the student more efficient in their personal life & also gives practical knowledge.

❖ Contact details for Workshop
Resource person: Ms. Madhura Bhagat.
Contact Number: 9764314590